REACT, INC. mission:

The mission of Research and Education for Autistic Children’s Treatment Inc (REACT, Inc), a non-profit 501(c)(3), is to increase autism awareness, fund individual and family treatments, provide education, fund and support research, and help develop treatment protocols for autism and other neurological disorders, developmental disorders, and chronic illnesses.

Meet the Board
Meet the REACT Board of Directors


Maija C. Hahn, MS, CCC-SLP
Speech Language Pathologist & Autism Specialist
Maija Hahn is a Speech Language Pathologist and Autism Specialist who has helped develop individualized autism programs in California, Oregon, Washington State, and Michigan.

Maija’s own personal testimony bears witness to the dangers of a one-size-fits-all healthcare approach as not just a provider but a mother to children with multiple neurological disorders and immune disfunction. She is dedicated to finding answers and healing for her children and countless others who are holding out hope for a better tomorrow.

She has been an outspoken leader in changing the narratives on pediatric neurological diseases in healthcare and continues to support public scientific debate and free flow of ideas that will lead to solving the puzzle of autism and other developmental and neurological disorders, and chronic disease conditions.

Vice President

Kevin S. Hahn, DDS
Dr Hahn is a Board-Certified General Dentist. He graduated from Loma Linda University School of Dentistry in 2004 and has practiced in Washington State, Michigan, and now in Florida. He is a father to children with autism, immune dysfunction, and other neurological disorders, who has sought answers to his children’s disease processes. He began to independently research toxins in his field of dentistry and became concerned that some dental materials were neurotoxic to his patients. Fluoride and mercury are not as safe as are taught, yet continue to be propagated through the dental associations. Now he joins his wife in educating others on a variety of toxic exposures and appropriate mitigation strategies to keep his patients and family safe.


Rachel Atwood, BSW
Rachel Atwood volunteers for multiple organizations to support truth in science and prevent government overreach while also advocating for special needs children impacted by one-size-fits-all medical measures in schools. She also volunteers for candidates running for office that will support health freedom, parental rights, healthcare choice, and physician autonomy. Rachel was formerly a social worker for abused children and worked for 10 years as an in-house aide for developmentally disabled children. As a result, Rachel has a passion for advocating for children and families that experience discrimination by a medical establishment or individual professionals. Rachel is a mother to a child with developmental delays and autism and continues to search for better solutions in health, science, and therapy to advocate for her son.


Carson D. Hahn

Carson is the oldest son of Kevin and Maija Hahn. At the age of 2.5, he was diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety disorder, and sensory processing disorder. Carson has always enjoyed puzzles and patterns. It was at the age of 5 when it became apparent to his parents that Carson was twice exceptional after he first started winning chess tournaments and solving mathematical equations typically expected of a high schooler. At the age of 10 years, Carson was awarded High Honors from Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth, a prestigious program designed to identify the most gifted students in the nation.

Carson is a member of the National Honors Society and the National Society of High School Scholars. This young senior is eager to start his college career in engineering and plans to apply to a few technology schools, including MIT, but Carson has his sights set on the Florida Institute of Technology where he can be close to home and family. Carson has overcome a lot of challenges and wants to help his community because he believes everyone should be given a chance to show what they are capable of.

Founding Director and Treasurer at Large

Dave Adams

Dave Adams (pictured with his son Lucas), along with a group of parents in Medford, Oregon, started R.E.A.C.T. in the mid 1990’s after their children regressed into autism (autism cluster). At that time, there were no appropriate therapy centers or schools, as very little was known about autism and how to treat it. Dave and these trailblazing families researched and found at the time that Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA) was the only therapy that had data-driven outcomes. They worked to develop in-home and then center- and school-based programs in Southern Oregon. They began a movement of education, parental advocacy, autism awareness, and demands for better access to treatments. Thanks to Dave Adams and these Oregon families, R.E.A.C.T was founded. Today, Dave and his wife Edith care for Dave’s son, Lucas, as they continue to seek answers, health, and healing for Lucas and the millions of individuals and their families around the world who need assistance. 


Dan Atwood
Dan Atwood has worked in the banking industry for 15 years. Throughout his career he’s helped both consumers and businesses with solving complex financial topics. In addition, Dan has assisted other large non-profits like Keys for Kids Ministries in the past. Personally, Dan, husband to Rachel, is the father to a child with developmental delays and autism. He has a desire to see his son and other children with special needs gain better care and find better strategies for health and healing.


James Neuenschwander, MD
Integrative, Emergency, and Regenerative Physician
Dr. James Neuenschwander is board-certified in Emergency Medicine (BCEM/AAPS), Integrative and Holistic Medicine (ABIM/AAPS, ABIHM), and Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine (ABAARM). In addition, he is a Fellow of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) and holds a certification in chelation therapy. He is a member of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American College for the Advancement of Medicine, and the International Lyme Associated Disease Society. He has been a Defeat Autism Now (DAN!) practitioner since 2007. He has been a member of the Medical Academy Pediatric Special Needs (MAPS) since its founding, a fellow since 2014, and is currently a faculty and executive board member of the organization. He has over 30 years of experience in integrative medicine and over 25 years of experience in emergency medicine.

He founded Bio Energy Medical Center, a multidisciplinary, integrative medical practice located in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Since the formation of his practice in 1988, he has treated children and adults with complex, chronic health problems which have not responded to conventional therapies and strives to promote wellness through prevention. Many in Michigan consider him the “Dr. House of Medicine” because no other physician offered proper diagnosis or treatments. His approach consists of searching for and remediating the root causes of disease. He also founded and is co-owner of Creating Brighter Futures, an ABA autism and developmental center, located in Ann Arbor, Michigan.


James Lyons-Weiler, Ph.D.
James Lyons-Weiler, PhD; Scientist, Medical Journal Editor, Founder of IPAK Edu.
Dr. James Lyons-Weiler is a world-renowned objective scientist who insists that all public health policy should be founded on science. As CEO and director of The Institute for Pure and Applied Knowledge, he has led the fight for choice for those underserved by unethical medicine and public health, including those at risk of vaccine injury. He has testified to committees and legislative bodies on vaccine science to keep policy on track with science. He has personally fought bad public health policy in court and won. An author of three books, he has over 55 peer-reviewed publications, one of which is a study on how the novel Coronavirus proteins induce disease in humans, whether those proteins are in the virus or in the vaccine. He has a consistent message on COVID-19 that differs substantially from both the CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO). He has been determinedly covering COVID-19 issues since January 2020; issuing warnings about the CDC’s fiasco on testing, how the CDC and the WHO were both wrong on lockdowns, and today he has a message on COVID-19 testing that is unlike anything shared elsewhere. He is a true advocate for medical freedom rights, sovereign bodily integrity, and the right to choose what you put into your body. He offers exceptionally informative courses to the public with many different instructors via


Christina Parks, Ph.D.
Cellular and Molecular Biologist
Dr. Christina Parks received her Ph.D. in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Michigan in 1999. She did her graduate research in the field of cytokine signaling, with a focus on elucidating the mechanisms by which genes are regulated (turned on and off). Dr. Parks has spent many years studying the biochemistry of how both pharmaceuticals and natural substances that enter our bodies affect the expression of genes that are essential to our health and well-being. Dr. Parks has been a scientific voice for biological and epigenetic differences in individuals and has explained the need for individualized healthcare approaches. She is a strong voice for the African American population, who are statistically more disadvantaged when it comes to standards of healthcare. She works tirelessly in her search for truth and causative factors affecting biological and molecular processes that adversely affect the health of others.