We are told that vaccines do not cause autism and that the science is settled. But is it?

The truth is, the safety and monitoring systems we have in place are simply inadequate to make the claim that vaccines do not cause autism. In fact, the CDC and NIH funded scientific studies on vaccines are not designed to properly analyze whether autism could be an adverse reaction to vaccination because their safety trials are simply too short in duration and their sample sizes too small. This has been confirmed by a court deposition of Vaccinologist Dr. Kathryn Edwards, who is considered a top vaccine researcher within the medical community and is the editor of the medical textbook; Plotkin’s Vaccines. Dr. Edwards knows the vaccine science and she is acutely aware that the science on vaccines is simply inadequate to say they are not causing autism. Watch this episode on TheHighwire of her deposition here.

The CDC did in fact run a trial on the Measles Mumps Rubella vaccine (MMR) back in the early 2000’s, following public pressure by thousands of parents who were reporting their typically developing children had regressed into autism after receiving the MMR vaccine. A senior CDC scientist of this study was Dr. William Thompson, who in 2014, filed for whistleblower protection and submitted a sworn affidavit that he and his colleagues at the CDC Vaccine Safety Branch were ordered to commit scientific fraud, destroy evidence and manipulate data to conceal the link they discovered between autism and vaccines. He submitted to congress 800 pages of the original data that showed their research had found a highly significant correlation of the MMR causing autism, especially in black boys who received the MMR before the age of 3 years. They’d found that black boys had a 336% increased risk of autism following the MMR vaccine, and the CDC has covered it up and lied to the public for 20 years. Dr. Thompson turned over the 800 pages of the original study to Congressman Bill Posey who pleaded with his colleagues in congress to hold a full investigation and to hear Dr. Thompson’s testimony. Unfortunately, Big Pharma and CDC executives are too powerful for our representatives in congress to hold an investigation even to this day.

In fact, when you look at the accumulation of research on vaccine’ ingredients it is clear that many of the ingredients have been proven to cause a variety of conditions including autism, ADHD, mood disorders, tics, and other neuro-developmental conditions as well as autoimmune diseases such as Type 1 Diabetes, Lupus, and more. In fact the FDA classifies aluminum as a neurotoxin and regulates the amount of aluminum consumers can be exposed to through food and medications, however when it comes to biologics (vaccines) the FDA simply leaves the regulating to the CDC, whom has refused to acknowledge the countless studies showing the neurotoxic effects of injecting aluminum as well as the multitude of parents who claim their typically developing children regressed after vaccination. The CDC has never looked into the potential harms of getting multiple vaccines at once, yet the CDC recommends 76 doses of vaccinations for all American children. Furthermore, the CDC has neglected to report to Congress that they have conducted any independent safety studies at all; a requirement under the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act (1986) when vaccine manufactures were granted full immunity from liability.

REACT, Inc wants the pubic to understand that yes, vaccines CAN cause autism, but vaccines are not the only environmental toxin that is associated with autism. In the last decade, three groups of top epidemiologists have published consensus statements declaring that neurodevelopmental disabilities, including autism, are caused by toxicants in the environment (The Collaborative on Health and the Environment, 2008; Mount Sinai Hospital, 2010; Project TENDR, 2016).  A meta-analysis thesis published through the University Of Sydney, Australia in 2019, analyzed the data from hundreds of studies published on environmental risk factors for autism and found five classes of toxicants that increase autism risk:

  1. Mercury from coal fired power plants and diesel trucks;
  2. Plastics;
  3. Pesticides & herbicides;
  4. EMF/RFR; and
  5. Pharmaceuticals (Tylenol, SSRIs, & vaccines).

There have also been countless research studies looking for an “autism gene(s)” and as of Feb 2023 (when this page was last updated), no such gene has been found. Scientists do theorize that a variety of gene mutations (SNPs) may make up between 38%80% of autistic individuals who may be genetically predisposed to acquiring autism. What researchers are discovering is that many individuals with autism may be genetically predisposed to conditions that lead to poor detoxification, such as mitochondrial dysfunction or poor methylation, or have hyperimmune responses or immune system disorders that lead to dysregulated cytokine production. Dr. Christina Parks, a REACT, Inc board member, is a cellular and molecular biologist who specializes in cytokines who highly suspects that G6PD (glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase) could be why 4x more black males get autism than the rest of the population. More research is needed and such research takes funding. . .funding that isn’t coming from our government and CDC but from donors like you.

Aluminum In The Brain: Dr. Chris Exley

Click to listen to what Dr. Chris Exley discovered.

Dr. Exley has been considered one of the top aluminum toxicologists in the world. His discovery, connecting aluminum to Alzheimer’s, has changed the way we live and think all around the globe. But when Dr. Exley made the most astonishing discovery of the century…his lab was dismantled and his science silenced.

Hear the truth of his discovery and learn how we cannot allow pharmaceutical giants to control science and medicine, nor allow the destruction of millions of children to continue. It is up to every single one of us to share the truth of his discovery.

Aluminum Adjuvants & Autism Research:

Click to watch the scientific presentation.

There has been a  systematic and deliberate halting and dismantling of laboratories who dare to study whether pharmaceutical neurotoxins and their potential mechanisms of action could cause some children to develop regressive Autism Spectrum Disorder.

Very few scientists and laboratories in the world are able and willing to do this work. Dr. Guillemette Crepeaux, a distinguished researcher in France, continues to forge ahead seeking answers and refusing to be silenced. But this comes at a price—a lack of necessary funding.

It’s time that the world stops allowing Big Pharma to dictate science. It’s time we demand integrity and evidence-based, unbiased research to lead the way to finding answers for the many pediatric chronic conditions that have risen to pandemic levels and continue to rise unchecked. Could the cause have been right under our noses the whole time?

We need your help! Please hear the evidence and help Dr. Crepeaux finally uncover one of the greatest mysteries of our lifetime and break through the biases that are crippling the quest for real answers.

After watching this presentation by Dr. Crepeaux, we hope you will understand why this research is urgent and imperative. We hope that you will want to be a part of the greatest discovery in science that will change the way we look at autism and many other chronic conditions. It’s the REACT Inc.’s mission to help support the important research being done that will finally bring HOPE to millions around the world. We ask you to donate directly to this 4A-1 project because we believe that this research is VITAL and URGENT.

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